How to Make Decorative Mirror Using Spoon

I really love this do it yourself sunburst mirror using spoon specially the process it's kind of exciting. I got the idea on pinterest website and link me to little things bring smile homepage. But i made my own version on how to make it more easier. I finished around 3 hours of hard work plus 30 minutes of spray painting.If i'll missed some steps you can also visit addicted to decorating for further instructions.


  • Duck tape for cardboard side.
  • Hooks if want to hang it on the wall

Let's get started:

1. Cut the cardboard round depending on how big you want it.

2. Mark the center of your cardboard using round mirror.

3. Now you are ready to fill up spoon on the first layer of outside round line, using hot glue carefully add the spoons on by one. Make sure they are in the round shape.

Reminder: this is a little bit messy project before using hot glue make sure you have proper place in case you need to put it down.

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3. After the first layer you are ready for the next layer of spoons. . See the picture below as guide.

4. This is important steps on how to make a perfect round , don't put the spoon in the same position after first and second layer fill up the gap see picture follow the arrow instruction below. Do it on the rest until you finished all the spoons on cardboard.

6. After filling up cardboard with the spoons now it's time for spray painting the color of your choice. Reminder for the first timer who will use spray paint do it outside your house to avoid unnecessary smell and messy color. Leave it at least half day or 24 hours to make sure it's totally dry. Don't forget to attached the round mirror in the middle using massive hot glue. You can also attach hooks at the back with massive glue as well if you want to hang it.

Enjoy the process and goodluck


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