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Quality Vinyl Siding Installation is Crucial to a Quality Job

Posted on: April 1st, 2013 by evan2 No Comments

There are so many reasons why choosing vinyl siding for your home is a smart investment. To start with, it lowers yearly upkeep and maintenance costs, increases energy efficiency and it can even increase the value of your home.

Vinyl siding also has many features that provide families with the ability to customize the look of their house with a variety of color options and patterns to choose from. These two features can be used in any combination to create modern, contemporary or even old world theme depending on your style.

If you’re tired of painting your home then you need vinyl siding from Enloe Residential of Augusta, Georgia. We not only provide a great product, we believe siding installation is key to 100% satisfaction. The bottom line is that siding installation is crucial to siding that is airtight, with no gaps or leaks. If your installers don’t have the experience, you will have a nice looking job for a year or so. After that, you will have gaps, and aesthetically there is nothing worse than that!

All of our installers from Enloe are experts at their craft and have been with us for years! We don’t just sell a high quality product we have the BEST installers in the industry. Because after all, you can have the best product available, but if your installers are not highly experienced and talented, you will have problems. We’ve built our stellar reputation on three crucial components. Offering only the highest quality product, at the best price, and having the BEST, most experienced installers in the industry.

Enloe Residential has a great selection of products from SidingGutters,WindowsDoors and Sunrooms to help you save money and improve the quality and appearance of your home.

Energy Efficient Windows just Make Good Financial Sense

Posted on: March 25th, 2013 by evan2 No Comments

Why are windows such an important investment to make? Think about it like this. Windows are thermal holes to the outside elements because an average home may lose 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows. In the winter months your heated air is literally flying out the window and in the hot, summer months your expensive air conditioned air is literally doing the same thing. Energy-efficient windows save money each and every month eventually pay for themselves in ROI.

ENLOE Residential of Augusta, Georgia is a trusted leader in the industry and is dedicated to helping you add value and beauty to your home while at the same time making it low maintenance and energy efficient. All of our products are made of the finest and most energy efficient materials that are available on the market today, because we feel that our customers deserve the best.

Our energy efficient windows and doors are all thoroughly insulated to help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and save you big bucks on your energy bill. With ENLOE Residential, you are not just dealing with a large, faceless company, but we are a real team of people who stand behind our work and our reputation. We built our stellar reputation by offering the highest quality product at the best price. Plus, we treat all of our customers like family because that is how we would want to be treated.

Say Hello to Maintenance Free and Energy Efficient Windows!

Posted on: March 11th, 2013 by evan2 No Comments

There are so many benefits of energy efficient vinyl windows. For starters, vinyl windows allow you to put away your paintbrush and enjoy long-lasting performance and lower energy bills. All at a value price.  Another feature that sets them apart from all others is that their frames are virtually maintenance-free. That means vinyl never needs painting, staining or refinishing. And they stay looking great for years.

Vinyl windows are an excellent choice when it comes to energy efficiency because they are an excellent insulator. Air chambers inside the vinyl reduce heat loss and even sound transmission,  keeping your home quieter and more comfortable year-round. if you have old, leaky windows you can’t afford not to replace them allowing you to kiss high heating and cooling bills goodbye once and for all!

At ENLOE Residential of Augusta, Georgia,  we create beautiful custom built windows to suit your home. Our insulated replacement windows are each individually crafted to fit the exact measurements needed for your home. Plus, we use the most durable, energy efficient materials available on the market today ensuring that our windows will perform beautifully for years to come.

Homeowners love our replacement windows because they tilt in making it easy for you to clean. Our vinyl replacement windows are crafted with double paned, double strength 7/8 inch insulated glass and also feature durable safety night latches with two latch positions that allow for ventilation while keeping your home secure.

Enloe Residential has a great selection of products from Siding,  GuttersWindowsDoors and Sunrooms to help you save money and improve the quality and appearance of your home.

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